College Houses

Сư洫ý has dedicated their six Houses to significant places and times in the life of Mary Сư洫ý: Fitzroy, Penola, Gesu, Alma, Temuka and Kincumber. Each House is connected to the Indigenous people of each area and represented by a different animal. Students are placed in their House at the beginning of school which is also their Pastoral Class in Secondary. They will then remain in that House until the end of Year 12.

Mary Сư洫ý was born in Brunswick Street, FITZROY. This is represented by an eagle for the Boonwurrung People.
Mary opened the first Saint Joseph’s School in a disused stable in PENOLA. This is represented by a kangaroo for the Bungandidj People.
The GESU Church, in Rome was a favourite place of prayer for Mary Сư洫ý. This is represented by a wolf for the Roman People in Italy.
ALMA was the name of the house in North Sydney where Mary lived and died. This is represented by a kookaburra for the Guringai People.
Mary set up her First Foundation of Sisters in TEMUKA, New Zealand in 1883. This is represented by the kiwi for the Arowhenua People.
Mary and the sisters opened an orphanage for boys at KINCUMBER. This is represented by the stingray for the Darkinjung and Guringai People.