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Congratulations, HSC Class of 2023

15 Jan 2024

Сư洫ý, Warnervale, proudly welcomes a remarkable HSC result from the Class of 2023. Data is a useful tool for reflection and is best used when we ask ourselves questions and know the narrative behind that data. With the support of their teachers, our students have continued the improved performance of honour listings. We congratulate the entire HSC Class of 2023 and all our staff, as these achievements reflect the reputation of the College’s learning culture.

A sizeable proportion of the candidature of the HSC Class of 2023 has recorded a credible HSC performance, with 64% of all HSC entries achieving Band 4 and above. The statistics are even more impressive, with a commendable level of 23% of all listings representing the top two bands.

A considerable number of HSC Courses achieved above the State Mean; MCC students achieved above the State Mean in the following 13 courses:

  • Community & Family Studies
  • Design & Technology 2 Unit
  • English Studies 2 Unit Examination
  • English Standard
  • Industrial Technology 2 Unit
  • Investigating Science 2 Unit
  • Mathematics Standard 1 Examination 2 Unit
  • Modern History
  • Studies of Religion 2 Unit
  • Visual Arts 2 Unit
  • Business Services 2 Unit
  • Construction Examination 2 Unit
  • Retail Services Examination 2 Unit

Nine individual students achieved 14 honour listings across 32 subjects.

We congratulate the following individual students:  Emma B, Sarah D-S, Tessa H, Stephanie K, Tiffany M, Taylah M, Bella P, Shannon R, Haylee S

7 of our students achieved first ranking in the Catholic Schools Broken Bay Diocese:

Taylah M in Design & Technology
Bella P in Design & Technology
Holly McM De- L in English Studies Exam Stephanie K in English Standard
Romeo B in Information Processes and Technology
Benjamin R in Investigating Science
Harris M in Human Services Exam

This year, our top-performing students achieved ATARS from above 90 to the high 70s. Congratulations to Stephanie K, who achieved the highest ATAR and so deservedly becomes the College Dux.

We join in congratulating the dux and the Top Ten ATAR students for the HSC 2023

Haylee S, Zara C, Damon L, Mikaedy S, Emma B, Sarah D-S, Hayden Mc, Shannon R, Tiffany M, Tessa H, Stephanie K

It is with enormous pride that the College congratulates the entire HSC class of 2023, and we wish each student every blessing in taking up the next stage of their individual journey.





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