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Parent opportunities

Parents are invited to participate in College liturgies and masses as well as classroom support in Primary. We pride ourselves on the combined Parish and School community. It is hoped that coming to Сư洫ý will be as much a pleasure for parents, as it is for their children.

There are numerous ways in which parents can involve themselves in the life of the College. This is particularly the case with assistance with curriculum support, camps and excursions and in the College sporting and extra-curricular program.

Formal and informal contacts with parents are encouraged and help to keep information and ideas flowing to and from both the home and the College. The College has an active Family Liaison Officer (FLO) provides valuable input and support to families and facilitates their interaction with all aspects of the life of the College. The College FLO regularly organises functions, activities and forums to promote parental involvement at the College.

Get involved!

Parent Forums
Volunteer for LAP (Learning Assistance Program)
Mother's/Father's Day events
Grandparent's Day
Networking with other families
Carnival BBQs
Host a Japanese exchange student